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i realized i have developed an unhealthy attachment to the $AUDUSD….like a bad relationship….if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks, it’s probably a duck…but, the normal insane person keeps expecting Daffy to be a rabbit, or a toaster….whatever…you get the point….i am a smart person. i’m a decent technician, but for some reason i look at my own bearish analysis, and come to the conclusion that the best idea is to go long….sounds ludicrous, right?? But it’s been happening to me very regularly lately….Almost, like i’m not a complete person unless i have a loser Aussie position on….How/Why did this happen?? i found myself analyzing the AUDUSD and clearly it has been bearish and should be sold on rallies and that’s what i would tell any other trader that is what they should be doing….but somehow my emotions have gotten me long this currency pair over and over to have losses over and over….wtf is going on?? Don’t get me wrong, occasionally i would make a few pips on scalping on the long side, but then i would just convulsively keep getting back in until i was down substantially.

Here is the really ridiculous part….as if up to here isn’t ridiculous enough :-) So, about 12 years ago i had an Australian boyfriend….i adored him. He was gorgeous, funny and very talented and i loved his accent. Additionally, Australia is a beautiful, resource rich country, and though my eyes; it’s not run by idiots, and they don’t have a Central Bank that is printing the country into ruin….Please note, i have never been to Australia….lolol….but clearly i have the country on a pedestal, and perhaps it should be….but that doesn’t mean the currency is a buy when nearly every day lately it’s breaking through support levels….eventually it will be a buy, but that is not today….and that isn’t really the point anyway.

This all reminds me when i was a Stockbroker back in the late 1999-2000 when nearly everything was at stupid high prices and i told clients they should be taking their, at the time, huge profits in all the stocks where the prices shocked them…..they didn’t, for the most part…the argument most of my clients gave me was, “but, they are such good companies….” well, we all know how that ended, and if you don’t; not well. That all is a perfect example of attachment….which in trading can be our demise…i’ll keep it on me…can be my demise.

Awhile ago i made joke that i married my losers and had one night stands with my winners. Unfortunately, it has been very true, and lately the marrying part has mostly been with the AUD.

Yesterday, when i finally had my eyes opened to this, i made a pact with myself that at the very least i mustn’t trade against my own analysis…i post these great charts an twitter and then i go and do the opposite in my own account…Ugh…i also realized that this could be good subject matter for my first post on this new sight.

Now i’de like to talk about a trading bias….a trading bias is based on perceived fact…an intuitive interpretation of the macro fundamentals and the longer term technicals. Right now my bias is not based on fact….it is based on emotion….i am so upset about what is happening in the US, from the morons in Washington DC, to the Federal Reserve, who i believe are slowly, or maybe not so slowly destroying the United States. i don’t mean to turn this blog into a political rant, but this is what is in me and what is unfortunately is running me. Anyway, with these beliefs in the forefront of my mind, i just feel deeply, why would anybody want to own the US$ vs any other currency?? The way Melinda feels about the US is not what moves the FX markets….sounds obvious, right? For me, not so much.

Hopefully somebody out there identifies with this sort of trading insanity and it will help bringing this stuff into the light. And hopefully by writing this, and completely embarrassing myself publicly i will be able to move on and out of this debilitating way of thinking.

Thanks for reading….i hope maybe you found this useful, or at least you had a good laugh at my expense :-)

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Posted: November 2, 2013 in Local Organic Food Prices

i have been sick all week with some sort of Bronchitis thing….i went running this morning later than usual…i’ve been letting myself sleep in to help myself heal…Anyway, the colors were beautiful….Usually i can’t see the colors, because it’s dark. The weather this morning was kind of tropical (70ish degrees with high humidity) on the first day of November….Ugh…Hopefully, cooler soon.

The marathon is on Sunday. So all the runners from all over the world have descended on NYC, and many of them were in the park today….they like to run in huge groups….like 40 across. (okay, i’m exaggerating…a little) and of course wearing their country colors…they are kind of annoying, but i find the week around the marathon really thrilling…the energy in the air is palpable…i love it…

This year i haven’t gotten to experience it as much as usual because i’ve been sick all week….but i know it starts mainly on Wednesday….that has been the first day you can pick up your number and attend the Runner Expo….man, i miss it…such camaraderie, and so much fun….and so many free goodies given away, and so many cool running souvenirs to buy…Wednesday is also the day that most of the international runners start arriving …i guess the logic is to do your sightseeing before the race, because afterwards who knows if you will be able to walk, or if you will even want to. You can easily spot the runners all over the city…always wearing running attire, and proudly strutting around with their race packets, looking lean and pumped. Most local runners will pick up their numbers on Wednesday and Thursday before the big rush on Friday and Saturday….actually, it could be different now….i haven’t run NYC since 1996, but i imagine that stuff hasn’t changed much. Again, i find all the strutting annoying, and exciting, at the same time….basically, i’m just jealous….wish i was running….Well, maybe not that much, or i would register to run. i am okay not running marathons anymore all year, except for this week….i would love to be part of it….but i have run 12 marathons, and i’ve been a runner for most of my life….running marathons is just too taxing on my body at this point in my life. i would rather be able to run for the sake of running, and my mental and physical health for longer….i try to say to myself: “Been there. Done that. Have the t-shirts, etc”…it’s all good…except this week. i have to admit, that on Monday when it is all over, i am just a little happy to see all the strutters looking wiped-out and in pain….but again, really just jealous…Post-Marathon pain is beautiful pain….only another runner would understand that statement :-)

One of my favorite things to do on Marathon Sunday is to go running very early and make sure i get to the lower loop and run up the hill and approach the finish line, to get as close as possible. i love to remember the feelings i’ve had when finishing the NYC Marathon in past years and visualize how it is with all the people around cheering and supporting me….so cool…but unfortunately after the horrible bombings they had in Boston, i don’t think they will allow anybody in that vicinity before the race, even at 5am….Who knows? Maybe? but, i will probably try anyway. 

Thanks for reading


This is a picture of me at around the 18 mile mark in The Long Beach Marathon in California

Scan 1


     Prices as      of 10/19/2013 Trader Joe’s Whole Foods Fairway Notes
Organic… Price Per Price Per Price Per  
Milk $3.89       64oz $3.89  64oz $3.79 64oz  Prices/Stable
 Eggs/LG  $3.69       Dozen  $3.99  Dozen   $3.89  Dozen Prices/Stable
Ground Beef  $6.99       Pound
    $6.99     Pound     $9.49     Pound     FW$Increase
Chicken-Breasts   $6.99       Pound      $6.99     Pound    $11.99     Pound    No Skin/Bones
 Whole Chicken $2.69      Pound     $2.69     Pound     $4.89     Pound  
Brown Rice/Quick cook      $2.00       Pound $2.99 Pound      $2.99 Pound TJ’s sells  2lb bag/$3.99 
Peanut Butter $4.99 Pound $5.39 Pound $4.99    Pound  
   Rolled Oats $2.39          Pound     $1.79    Pound     $1.49     Pound      Prices/Stable
Thompson Raisins $2.99 Pound  $3.49 Pound $3.49    Pound Prices/Stable
Bananas      $.79      Pound  $.99  Pound  $.99  Pound  Trader Joe’s sells for $.29 each 
   $2.06       Pound  $2.99    Pound $2.99    Pound
Seedless-Grapes     $2.99         Pound  $4.49  Pound $3.99 Pound      Prices/Stable
   Baby Carrots $1.69       Pound   $2.00  Pound   $1.99  Pound  WF$Increase
     Romaine     Lettuce Hearts    $2.99      Pound $3.98 Pound $3.33    Pound WF/FW$Decrease
Tomatoes on the Vine $3.49 Pound  $4.49 Pound   $3.99     Pound WF$Increase 
        Kale $3.66         Pound     $5.58    Pound     $4.78    Pound
 ***TOTALS***   $54.29 Basket   $62.73 Basket     $69.07      Basket TJ’s Wins Again 
Total(+/-)  $$  SAME  $$  INCREASE         $$   INCREASE  



     Prices as      of 10/19/2013 Trader Joe’s Whole Foods Fairway Notes
Organic… Price Per Price Per Price Per  
Milk $3.89       64oz $3.89  64oz $3.79 64oz  Prices/Stable 
 Eggs/LG  $3.69       Dozen  $3.99  Dozen   $3.89 Dozen Prices/Stable 
Brown Rice/Quick cook     $2.00       Pound $2.99 Pound      $2.99 Pound TJ’s sells  2lb bag/$3.99 
Peanut Butter $4.99 Pound $5.39 Pound $4.99    Pound  
   Rolled Oats   $2.39          Pound     $1.79    Pound    $1.49     Pound      Prices/Stable
Thompson Raisins $2.99 Pound $3.49 Pound $3.49    Pound Prices/Stable 
Bananas      $.79      Pound  $.99  Pound  $.99  Pound  Trader Joe’s sells for $.29 each 
   $2.06       Pound  $2.99    Pound $2.99    Pound WF$Increase
Seedless-Grapes     $2.99         Pound  $4.49  Pound $3.99 Pound       Prices/Stable
   Baby Carrots $1.69       Pound  $2.00 Pound   $1.99  Pound  WF$Increase
     Romaine     Lettuce Hearts    $2.99        Pound $3.98 Pound $3.33    Pound WF/FW$Reduction
Tomatoes on the Vine $3.49 Pound  $4.49 Pound   $3.99    Pound WF$Increase
        Kale   $3.66          Pound     $5.58    Pound    $4.78    Pound      WF/FW$Increase
 ***TOTALS***   $37.62 Basket   $46.06  Basket  $42.70       Basket TJ’s Wins Again 
TOTAL(+/-)  $$ SAME   $$  INCREASE       $$   INCREASE  


Almost  every morning lately ( for like the last 20 plus years :-) i’ve been waking up with so much anxiety….thank god i’m in the habit of getting up, stretching and doing the the other stuff humans do when they wake up. Then stepping outside and going….the first person who i have to make contact with is my doorman…who, i’m sure thinks i’m certifiable because during the week i’m out running between 4:30-5am….he just kind of looks at me sleepily as he says “Good Morning.”

This time of year is the best for running…getting cooler…less humidity…feels so nice, and i love the early mornings…i live in New York City so that’s really the only time it’s quiet.

So after i get out the door, i can feel the air outside is actually much nicer than in my apartment…what a concept….as i start making my way to Central Park…it’s about a quarter mile from my house. There are a few friendly faces i sometimes see and i really enjoy greeting them first thing in the morning….first there’s the guy who owns and runs the Laundromat….he’s usually opening up the gate as i run by….seems like he’s always working no matter when i go by…very inspiring.  The next people i see are the night attendants who are outside the nursing home and we like to wave and greet each other…when i first saw them, they made fun of me. it made me so uncomfortable, that i ran around their block to avoid them…now they religiously say “Good Morning” whenever they see me….very nice….then there’s the guy who works for the Doe Fund..that’s a program that employs homeless people and helps them get to get back on their feet….he organizes and puts out the garbage at a few buildings on my route…Lastly there is the woman who walks her dog and like to sit on a bench in the silence…we like to wave at each other…i really like seeing these people who i know nothing about, and don’t even know their names, but, it gives me a sense of community in a big city….it allows me to live in a fantasy that i live in a small town for 5 minutes…almost every day….very nice.

When i get to the park, i have to make a judgement call of whether to step inside or run on Central Park West in the bike lane for a bit until i see more people inside….i’ve noticed, Mondays and Fridays seem to be the least populated days. Anyway, whenever i do enter the park….it’s like i can breathe….the air feels different…oh, wait…it is different :-) i couldn’t/wouldn’t even consider living in NYC if it weren’t for Central Park…..people don’t mention it much but there are a fair amount of critters living in the wild there. You don’t think of NYC and wild animals in the same place other than the Zoo….don’t get me wrong there aren’t any Lions or Tigers in there…unless of course one escaped from an apartment where the person has a strange idea of the type of animal that should be kept as a pet….interesting animal tangent…lol…anyway, there is a very large population of Raccoons….i remember years ago, i would hardly ever see any…now very rarely do i enter the park without seeing at least a few….there are also Rabbits, Hawks, Large Turtles, Bull Frogs and those are just the ones i have seen….and of course there are the usual Squirrels…the official city animal, and lots of breeds of birds.  I love the little utopia of wildness in the middle of Manhattan. Sometimes when i’m in the park looking out; it is sometimes a bit shocking to see the buildings on the horizon.

So back to the running part….i like to run on the  cinder track around the Reservoir and the bridal paths …believe me, the bridal paths are used a lot more by runners than horses….especially since the Claremont stable on west 89th Street closed down. i have to be careful because there are plenty of rocks to trip over, and in the early morning it is pretty dark. So it is kind of an obstacle path for the tripping prone runner, which i unfortunately am. As i said in the beginning of this…i wake up allot of the time filled with anxiety about money, the upcoming day…whatever…i wish i was one of those people who woke up with joyful excitement to meet the day….i’m not….usually, the first thing i think when i wake up is: “Oh Fuck.” So i guess you understand why i go running first thing in the morning….By the time i get to the trails the coating of anxiety and dread have started to dissipate, and by the time i’ve run about 3-4 miles i feel capable of being a participant in my life….and after about 7 miles, i feel almost good about the day ahead of me. Another thing i sometimes feel is that i would like to just stay in the park and keep running. When i’m running it is one of the only times i feel truly happy to be me…i don’t feel insecure or lonely….i don’t compare my insides to other peoples outsides as much….somehow when i’m running my negative feelings about myself and my life are quiet. i can hear the things that matter…..and that isn’t music, if you were wondering…i like to run in silence….mostly because i like it, but also for safety sake. If somebody is sneaking up on me i want to be able to hear them. i unfortunately or fortunately do have to stop eventually and head home to face the shit that scares me, but first i get to face a shower, and a yummy breakfast.

i think i’ll stop there…i’m sure i will continue this at some point soon…..Thank you for reading.



     Prices as      of 9/22/2013 Trader Joe’s Whole Foods Fairway Notes
Organic… Price Per Price Per Price Per  
Milk $3.89       64oz $3.89  64oz $3.79 64oz  Fairway$$Increase
 Eggs/LG  $3.69       Dozen  $3.99  Dozen   $3.89 Dozen Fairway$$Reduction
Brown Rice/Quick cook      $2.00       Pound $2.99 Pound      $2.99 Pound TJ’s sells  2lb bag/$3.99 
Peanut Butter $4.99 Pound $5.39 Pound $4.99    Pound  
   Rolled Oats $2.39          Pound     $1.79    Pound     $1.49     Pound   Fairway$$Reduction   
Thompson Raisins $2.99 Pound $3.49 Pound $3.49    Pound WF$$Increase 
Bananas      $.79      Pound  $.99  Pound  $.99  Pound  Trader Joe’s sells for $.29 each 
   $2.06       Pound  $2.49    Pound $2.99    Pound WF$$Reduction
Seedless-Grapes     $2.99         Pound  $4.49  Pound $3.99 Pound       WF$$Increase
   Baby Carrots $1.69       Pound   $1.69 Pound   $1.99  Pound  WF$$Reduction 
     Romaine     Lettuce Hearts    $2.99      Pound $4.65 Pound $4.65    Pound  FW$$Increase
Tomatoes on the Vine $3.49 Pound  $3.99 Pound   $3.99     Pound WF/FW$$Reduction 
        Kale $3.66          Pound     $5.08    Pound    $3.62    Pound  
 ***TOTALS***   $37.62 Basket   $44.92  Basket  $42.06       Basket TJ’s Wins Again